What it was like for a coding-noob to build a “Stocks and News Hub” site.

With my 3–week old coding “experience”, our team had built a site with different APIs and JS Libraries and created: Stocking.

Stocking on Mobile

The process was humbling, as the three of us had to be honest with ourselves and our skillset. “What is it that I’m bringing to the table, that won’t hold you down”, “What is my strongest skill set that I can offer to this project”, and at times, “What the heck am I even doing and how do I even build that jQuery”.

The hours were crazy, the sweat was literal since it has been around 90-degrees here in So. Cal. I’ve read each line of codes guided by my (now) very good friend, Eddie. I understood how to show an “invalid input” when you search for some “gibberish” stock symbol. We had built wire-frames, not in terms of designing at this point (which is kind of funny, since that is my expertise). Eddie helped me mapped out the logic behind how our site works, our functions, our “calls”, our event listener. He had mentioned to me multiple times to “slow down” and “step back”. I think about creating this site, and how it had helped me in more than one way: it wasn’t just about learning how to code, it was about understanding why and how the code works.

What’s under the hood during our logic process in understanding our own codes, thanks for this Eddie.

We used different APIs to fetch the news section, pricing information for each stock, and the graph. The thought of understanding that in a span of 3-weeks has been overwhelming, but the result, however, is satisfying.

Look Ma! We even customized our graph!

In time, I only do wish that I can be as confident in coding as I am in choosing colors.

For this project, I’ve decided to use wordplay as our name: Stocking, as it can mean different things. For one, I know that I’ve decided to use the neon pink color, since we are all so used to green = money, and many stock apps out there are already using that color for a reason. However, I feel like neon-pink was the right decision, especially in one case of our wordplay: Stoc-/King. What a better way to show that the Kings can rock neon Pink.

Stocking color studies.
News section

I am very fortunate to have worked with Eddie and Pranav, who had given me full trust in my ideas (which are so extra, at times). Like adding a marquee as our local storage use, it was a risk we all are willing to take because marquee is almost RIP.

Here is the product that we are all so proud to build from zero.


Team: Pranav Byakod, pusp ,Eddie Yeung

5’1 little ball of surprise